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Day 10 – A Great Goodbye

8 joulukuun, 2015

Eric was leaving us today, and Ariane left already early in the morning, so we decided to make a final trip of singing and handing out books in the morning. We took the train to the conference centre, he sang in the train (to a Monday-morning audience which was not the most receptive one), and at the conference centre we handed out our bags full of books in no time, to a very receptive audience.

Eric joined us for the bus trip back to the train station, and decided to sing one last song for us in the bus, which was almost empty.

It has been a very strong and heartfelt experience with Eric and Ariane, as they have been so much help for us all the way. I feel privileged to have met such people, and to have such people offer their help to us with such enthusiasm and unconditional support is just amazing. It is something one gets to experience very rarely. As Eric started that song, which was a different one that he usually sang, and which he dedicated to us, I managed to keep my shit together for maybe three seconds.

Then the tears of gratitude, happiness and perhaps even longing, started rolling, uncontrolled, unstoppable, washing my face and forcing me to enjoy and just feel the feeling of relief, sadness, and ultimately, happiness that they released from all the stress and tiredness I had been feeling for the last days. Sadness for what was to be missed, happiness for what had already been accomplished. So much had happened in the last ten days or so. So much friendship and trust had been built in just a few days that it felt almost unnatural. At least for a Finn it did, and I dare to say many of us here in the north, living in the state of constant flux between darkness and light as the seasons go by, value such things above most other things.

When the song was over, I told Eric that he would be one of the few people ever to see a Finn cry and live to tell about it. But I’d say he had deserved it. Here is a recording of his performance, which does no justice to the live experience.

So after making a second run in the afternoon, distributing a total of over 500 books today, we, me and Janne, raise a toast to our new friends from across the world.

Eric, Ariane, here is one for you.

Have a safe trip home, and we hope very much to see you in the future. This whole journey of saving the planet, following the evidence, and experiencing the amazing thing we call life, with the people you love there to share it with you, is only beginning. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you so much for the versatile COP21 Paris postings that have been thoughtful, enjoyable, funny — and now even emotional. You and Janne deserved this great adventure.


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