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Day 11 – A Long, Fun Day

10 joulukuun, 2015

As part of our crowdfunding campaign, AREVA had bought a presentation from me and Janne, and that was to be held today. It went well, and we had a lovely lunch there, met some Areva’s key people and they seemed to feel very happy about our presentation. With all the problems and bad blood with the French and Finland about Olkiluoto 3, we were certainly doing our part to havae a fresh, good start between the Finnish and French people in general. I would even go as far as to say that we kicked ass as far as any ”TeamFinland” effort is considered. At least considering that nobody is paying us anything for this.

But that’s just me being my modest self 😉

After that we hurried to the Gallery of solutions, where we had another presentation and a signing of our books (both English and French version). It is amazing how many interesting, fun and genuine people we got to meet here, and in general on the whole trip. All the way from US Department of Energy-people to independent Dutch  ecomodernists to Australian environmental superheroes to French Molten salt reactor bloggers to ex-greenpeace, current advanced nuclear advocates. Simply amazing. And you can believe me that that is just a narrow description of all the people we met and talked with.

In the evening we had a small and lovely get-together and celebrated Ben’s birthday as well.


Kirsty, Suzy, Myrto and Ben, having a blast. Lovely people, each one of them.

It was then that one of the (many) amazing bombs hit us. A couple days ago we had handed Jim Hnsen the copy of our book, the Climate Gamble. And now he sent Kirsty (from Energy for Humanity who was also at our get-together) and email, asking if she knew about this book, its authors, and if it would be possible to send some copies to his office and some 30 copies to China, where he was going to be attending a conference on advanced nuclear for the next two weeks or so.

Our quick assesment of the situation was that maybe Dr. Hansen had enjoyed our book. At least a bit.

Needless to say, this was simply amazing news.

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