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Day 9 – A day off, upside down

7 joulukuun, 2015

Ahhh… A day off. Rest. Sleep. Sanity, slowly gathering around me again. I really, really needed this day.

Me, Janne, Eric and Ariane ended up touring Paris for the magnificient sights it had to offer us. We saw Notre-Dame, Louvre (or at least part of it, like Mona Lisa), The Petit Palace and the Grand Palace. Eiffel Tower, at least from a distance.

And a normal dinner at this nice restaurant. Well, let’s call it our Independence-day dinner, as it was the independence day of Finland. Go Finland! We also had the Finnish flag with us.

It was a wonderful, touristic day in Paris, with good friends for company, and a lot to see (and with actually some time to see it).


I am now part of the select few who have done a one-handed handstand in front of Notre-Dame.

Eric had been doing his art for us for so many times, I decided I would show him what makes me tick. Capoeira. And while there was no point in doing capoeira there alone, I could always stand on my hands. In weird places. On one hand. Just for the sake of it.


God I had missed being upside down.






…and the glass pyramid (although not one-handed)

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