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Launching our COP21 crowdfunding campaign

11 syyskuun, 2015

web-cover_editedAs you may know, me and Janne M. Korhonen wrote a book called Climate Gamble.

Now we are launching a crowd-funding campaign to put the book to the hands of every, or at least thousands of, delegate of the COP21 climate negotiations, held in Paris this December.

See the campaign here


From what we have learned, there are some big gaps in the knowledge of the negotiators on several issues regarding mitigating climate change. These include:

  • The science on the realities of the needed decarbonization efforts; several percent each year for decades to come in most western nations.
  • The consensus on the best, and the most likely, speed with which we could build renewable energy production and increase efficiency, and if this can be matched with the needed rate of decarbonization with any likelyhood of success (it cannot).
  • The IPCC’s conclusion on the carbon balances of various energy sources, namely the fact that nuclear is very low carbon, and that biomass is not necessarily low carbon.
  • The consensus of various organizations, IPCC and IEA included, on the absolute necessity that we use all available tools – including nuclear energy, renewables, efficiency, conservation and carbon capture and storage – to mitigate climate change if we are to have any practical chance to avert catastrophic consequences.

And much, much more.

We are also very, very sad about the fact that several groups that call themselves environmentalists, are actively, even forcefully campaigning against the scientific consensus on the matter. They would like to see nuclear excluded from our toolbox of mitigating climate change. According to scientific consensus, this is a certain road to disaster.

We need all the tools. Help us spread this message. Participate in our campaign, spread infromation about it.

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