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COP26 – Chaos, Mayhem and Carnage? – Day 0

1 marraskuun, 2021

Sunday, the day of arrival, ended up being a memorable day for many, but not for the reasons people might have thought. My trip from Amsterdam to Glasgow, on the other hand, was boring and uneventful, as one hopes. But other people were not so lucky. The weather turned really bad throughout UK, with gail-force winds felling trees and branches on roads and bringing the whole railway system to its knees for hours. That’s with all the probably thousands of people trying to get into Glasgow by road and train from other parts of the UK. Not a good day, that.

Mr. Tree had a really, really bad day…

At first it seemed that the railways would be shut down for the whole day and people were told to try again tomorrow (and, apparently, just magically come up with a place to sleep wherever they were at the moment), but after several hours of waiting, some lines got moving again. And the people, the people did come, and finally, towards the evening started to arrive at Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding stations. Thats some wind power for you right there. Thank you for traveling by train :).

People thanking themselves for taking the train.

Myself, I took the plane (sorry, but sometimes, and actually quite often, convenience just wins the day. At least it was not a private jet like the big bosses did). And after taking Uber to one hotel to get our daily plague-tests done (and our sweet swag delivered to us), then walking to another restaurant for a quick bite and a pint, we took our minibus to the Blue Zone to get registered and ”badged”. After getting lost only once on the way, we made it with whole 7 minutes to spare before they closed down for the night.

Me and Astrid, badged and happy.

Meanwhile, the good people at Nuclear4Climate were getting the booth ready. Looks sweet. Hope to see you there!

Net Zero really does nee nuclear. More of it than most of us even dare to imagine (and yeah, I can imagine a lot).


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