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The Dark Horse galloping into Estonia

2 kesäkuun, 2020

Just a few days after coming out, ”The Dark Horse – Nuclear Power and Climate Change” is now on its way to be translated for the Estonian market, according to preliminary negotiations. Publication is aimed for early 2021.

Cover of The Dark Horse – Nuclear Power and Climate Change

Estonia is among the more progressive European countries when it comes to seeing nuclear as an exciting opportunity to both decarbonize their own energy supply and to help their neighbors do the same. It is therefore essential to have easily accessible and factual information available for the public as well as the many stakeholders and policymakers.

The Dark Horse is a great way of providing this information. It is a carefully cited thorough discussion of the climate situation as well as the role that nuclear has played and could play in the future. It points out the popular myths around nuclear energy and offers mainstream studies and hard evidence in their place – and it manages to do this in an entertaining and easily readable way.

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