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Brexshit, anyone?

24 tammikuun, 2019

brexitmemeIn 2015, the people of UK voted to leave EU. Fine, one gotta respect the people’s opinion if one has asked for it. Not sure if calling for that vote was the best or smartest move in global, or even UK political history, but it happened, and during the campaign months the people of UK were promised many good things if they leave the EU.

Now, over 3 years later, it seems that almost none of those good things are happening. Instead, a lot of shit seems ready to enter the fan as there seems to be no way that the British politicians will accept the deal that EU is willing to give them. If no deal is done soon, there will be a “Hard Brexit”, or “Brexshit” as I call it.

I think it is high time that the people of UK are called to vote if they want Brexshit to happen. I mean, they voted for Brexit, but clearly that is not possible, nothing nearly what they were promised is going to happen. Instead, they are looking at Brexshit, which is something completely different. Having the people vote for one thing and giving them something else is not proper, now is it?

It is a bit like if I was asked to move to Sweden if I would also get a nice house in Stockholm, a free Tesla to use, health care for the whole family, a good job for me and my wife and a million Kronor per year on my bank account on top of my salary (that’s about 100,000 euros. Not much, I know, but I’m being reasonable with my analogue here). I love living in Finland, but I might be persuaded to vote yes on that personal Fixit, and so might the family (kids would not be asked as they are underage – although they would be the ones to take the actual hit, but there is politics for you).

Now, as I would start to pack my bags, say goodbyes and sell my house in Finland, those conditions would start to evaporate one after the other. Suddenly, I would not get a house in Stockholm, but a single-room apartment for the whole family of 5 at the outskirts of Malmö (for example), for which I would have to pay for. We would not get the jobs, nor the money promised (but surely, I would be free to apply for any job that I would want!) My Tesla would become a 1992 Toyota Camry that I would have to pay for myself, and I would have to go through years of bureaucracy to get my family health care in order. My Fixit would be turned into Fixshit.

Somewhere along the line, I think that I would like to have another go, another family vote, on the decision to move so Sweden or not. The deal would have clearly changed, so I would like to reserve the right to change my mind about it as well. I did not vote to “move to Sweden no matter what shit it causes.”

And neither did the people of UK.

Ps. I love Sweden. It’s the second-best country in the world. After Finland.

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