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Day 5 – Climate-Opera in the Subway

3 joulukuun, 2015

I woke early, with my mind running circles, worrying if the rest of the books are going to get here on time (meaning on Friday 4th at the latest), because if they don’t get here until monday, we will be in a world of problems, trying to give 4,000 books out to people in like 4 days. Impossible, pretty much. There is only so much minutes in a day…

Anyway, morning arrived and off we went (with Janne, Eric, David and Derek with their cameras following) to a small seminar run by They seemed to have an excellent thing going, pretty much in line with what we write in our book: we need to keep our eye on the goal (a healthy climate in their case, and interestingly they do seem to include the possibility of geoengineering in the mix as well). We need to support all action to get to that goal. We shared a few dozen books there, made some nice contacts, got coffee.

2015-12-02 13.15.08

Eric, giving the people of Paris a time of their life on the local train.

After that we decided to go see Notre Dame and took the subway. Eric was singing his climate change / torium opera at every change, in the metro, the subway tunnels, the train, and me and Janne were handing our books to people who were listening (we did some smartphone-filming as well, see the video-links below). Eric has a really nice and powerful voice and a good eye for performance. I found myself constantly humming the melody of his chosen piece for the rest of the evening.

I also got a very relieving message from Finland on the way; the rest 4,000 or so copies of our book had been sent out, with tracking codes, and they will likely get here by Thursday 3rd. Excellent. My brain would have to come up with some other excuse to bug me with at 6 o’clock in the morning…


Selfie-of-the-year-nominee: Eric, Janne and me cheering it out after our books got accepted in to the selection of Shakespeare and Company, to be given out free of charge for customers.

After Notre Dame, we dropped some books at Shakespeare and Company’s bookstore, which might just be one of the most famous single bookstores in the world. We made our case (thanks Janne for that), and they were glad to take a score or so of our books and give them to their customers as part of our campaign. They even asked us to get back there in a few days with a refill. We might just do that.

But we do have some other stuff on our mind for the next couple of days. So stay tuned.


Here are two short clips I got from the train of Eric doing his amazing performance. I hope you enjoy, at least I did!

Part 1

Part 2

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