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COP21 – Journal – Day 0

marraskuu 28, 2015

Day 0 – Preparing for Paris

Part 1 of my COP21 journal. I will write and post my experiences if and when I have time.

It’s getting more and more exciting as the flight to Paris gets closer. Everyone there seems to want yet another form filled because of increased security. Packing for two weeks is something I have not done in years, so I hope I got most of the essential stuff with me.

For those who don’t know, me and Janne M. Korhonen are going to Paris to distribute around 5000 Climate Gamble

Me in the bus on my way to the airport.

Me in the bus on my way to the airport.

books to other participants at the COP21 climate negotiations. The books were funded by our non-profit crowdfunding campaign.

The first 1000 books should get to Paris on Friday or by Monday. Because of the added security, it might well be Monday. Oh well, I guess I will find something to do for the weekend, it being Paris after all…

The not-so-good news just arrived. Janne, my co-author and co-activist, has to postpone his arrival by a few days due to personal reasons. I hope to see him arrive on Tuesday, 1st Dec, but anyway I will have to fly solo for a few days. Luckily there are some great people arriving (and living) in Paris who can keep me company.

The much better news is that we just got ourselves VIP-passes to La Galerie, where a lot of the interesting action is happening. Yay! Thanks for the people who made it happen (I will give you a free book when I get there! 😉 ).

Now I’m off to airport. See you in Paris.


Lyhyesti Suomeksi / Briefly in Finnish

Istun juuri bussissa kohti lentokenttää, matkalla Pariisin ilmastoneuvotteluihin jakamaan 5000 joukkorahoitettua Climate Gamble –kirjaa neuvotteluihin osallistuville. Jannelle (kanssakirjoittajani) tuli pieni este, joten hän saapunee Pariisiin vasta tiistaina – mutta onneksi paikan päällä on paljon tuttuja.

Saatiin myös hommattua VIP-passit La Galerieen, jossa tapahtuu paljon kaikenlaista ilmastokokoukseen liittyvää. Tämä oli hieno käänne, uskoisin että se on oiva paikka jakaa kirjoja ihmisille, jos vaan turvamiehet päästävät meidät sisään laatikoinemme.

Nähdään Pariisissa!

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